Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Your Weekly Boo: Wanna be Startin' Something

If you were wondering, the title of today's post is more than just a tribute to MJ. It also basically sums up Boo's behavior of late. I don't know enough about donkeys to determine if this is a typical response to puberty. All I know is that Boo has become, without question, a complete jerk.

Although I appreciate that he's learned to really get in there and mix it up with the cows, I'm pretty sure it will only result in his total alienation. For example, recently we caught him chasing behind an oblivious Seamus, until he was able to catch the cow's tail in his mouth and start pulling backwards. This ended badly for Boo. While this is the only direct donkey-on-cow attack I've witnessed, the aftermath of his bad behavior is pretty obvious. Now, anytime Boo sidles up to a cow, he receives a forceful head butt in the side or bottom. A normal response would be to forlornly walk away. No sir. Not Boo. Instead he kicks up the hind legs, snorts and prances in circles around the (much) larger livestock who clearly don't want him around. Very sassy. Very annoying.

And don't get me started about the strained relationship between the baby donkey and Chula. She was grumpy enough before Boo copped all the attitude. But now?

Let's just say that Chula will benefit the most the day the vet arrives to snip Boo and, hopefully, turn him back into a sweet baby donkey. Until then, Boo will be busy looking for new visitors to the land who can be harassed, nipped at, bitten, snorted on, and generally treated badly.

Is this how human children respond to the confusion of growing up? If that's the case then, Mom, Dad - I'm very, very sorry.

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